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Samsung Android USB Driver Samsung Android USB Driver Samsung Android USB Driver

Samsung Android USB Driver

How to Set Up Android USB Driver:


If you are a software developer you will need a Samsung Android USB Driver in order to perform third party application development on the SPH-M910.  On the other hand they are not needed for USB Mass Storage mode on the handset.

Here is how to easily download Samsung Android USB Drivers:

1.  Click here for the interface to install the Samsung Android USB Drivers for the SPH-M190 (Intercept).

2. Select the software tab.

3. Read the end user License Agreement and check the button indicating your assentment and then choose close.

4. Next save the file to your desktop by selecting the img1.gificon.  This will save the Sprint_M910_Android_USB_Driver_4.50.7.msi.

AT&T is getting serious about offering Droid Phones. 

They recently debuted the Samsung Admire Android phone.  

It features:

1. Thousands of Android Market apps.
2. Surround-sound audio, 3D graphics engine and six-axis motion sensor for great entertainment.
3. Better outdoor visibility with improved off-axis viewing and a great Amoled 4" touch screen display.
4. 16 GB of memory expandable up to 32 GB.
5. Video capability and 5 MP camera.

If you are looking for Samsung Captivate USB Drivers they can be downloaded direct to your computer by clicking here.