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Mtp USB Device Driver Mtp USB Device Driver Mtp USB Device Driver

Mtp USB Device Driver

Are you looking for an MTP USB device driver for your Samsung Android? These smartphones have so many wonderful capabilities, and playing music is certainly the most popular. If you are like a lot of Android owners, you collect your favorite music on your computer. Your MTP device(Media Transfer Protocol) makes it easy to upload your media right into your Android.
Because the Android is like a little computer, many of its components need to have drivers installed,  pieces of software that let those devices talk to the Android. And it is important that your MTP USB device has the latest driver available for proper function.
So, how do you get these drivers and what do you do with them? Perhaps you are very experienced with all of this technology and this article is about something you already know. But for those people who are new, this article will explain how to obtain and install the required driver.
Find And Install Your MTP USB Device Driver
•  First thing to do is get your phone's model name and number and have it handy. Then go to the Samsung website.
•  Across the top of their homepage of the Samsung site you will see the selection "Support." Click on that.
•  Now you see a menu open. Select "Mobile Phone." Here is where you will begin to narrow down your search for the Samsung Android driver you will need.
•  Now a 3 panel window opens and the left panel is called "Type." Click that and a list appears in the center panel called "Subtype," naming all of Samsung's phone models. Scroll through until you find your phone and click on it. In this case, we will use "Smartphone."
•  After clicking "Smartphone," the third panel, Model Number, opens. Scroll through and select your model. For the purposes of this article, we will select "Galaxy S LCD Black."
•  Click on Model number and get taken to the software download page. Here you can get a manual and all the software for your phone. This includes firmware updates. There are also help files and an FAQ from their knowledge base to help you with any problems.
•  Download your drivers. Samsung put the MT USB device driver in their KIES package. Scroll down the page a little bit and you will find it. Under the description of Kies, click on "more."
•  Now you are on the download page. Click on download and save to your computer. They show you clear graphic instructions for how to download and install KIES, and how to connect your phone to your computer to install the driver on your phone, using your USB data cable. Just follow their simple instructions.
•  Check their website frequently to see if they have posted any updates to the MTP driver. Always have the latest version installed, in order to ensure smooth functioning of your USB device.
•  If you have a problem, there is a contact link in the menu below.
There you have it, all you need to know to locate, download, and install your phone's MTP USB device driver.